Words by T'keya Marquez & Photography by Paige Sara" /> Issue 51: Conan Gray for Self-Love - Local Wolves Words by T'keya Marquez & Photography by Paige Sara" />

Conan Gray by Paige Sara


Living in a small town can often mean that you know everybody and everybody knows you. For Conan Gray, creating a strong presence online has given him the ability to reach others around the world through a camera lens in the comfort of his home in a small town in Texas. His channel is nothing short of real. Like a close friend, he shares his current favorites and even bakes gluten free brownies while chatting about life with every subscriber. More specifically, his “Art-Tea” chats are the honest and candid daily doses we all could use more often. Read more about his story including other fellow creatives to add on your radar including Lauv, Isabella Mente, Madison Iseman, Samantha Pleet and more in our August/September 2017 — Self Love issue. You can read this issue and our past issues here plus the content is available to read on your desktop, mobile device or the issuu app on Apple or Android. If you would like to purchase a print copy of any of our issues including our recent issue, you can do so here.

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