ISSUE 63: ON THE RISE - Local Wolves



Multi-hyphenate artist, CHRISTIAN KURIA considers himself an “ideas guy.” Whether that’s developing a track for his latest release or a t-shirt design for his fashion brand Toroka, Christian works with teams to bring to life his concepts. However, amidst all these endeavors, at the center of every project is him and his innate, intuitive love of and connection to music. Despite delving into multiple art forms, Christian considers himself a musician first. It’s all attributed to upbringing, where a relationship to music was always constant.

Read more about Christian’s full story including fellow creatives to add on your radar including Katherine Li, Ricky Montgomery, Valley and many more in our July/August 2023 — On The Rise issue here. If you’re interested in purchasing a physical print copy of any our issues, they are available through Magcloud (ships worldwide). You can support the magazine by sharing the new issue as you wish!

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Story: Ang Cruz
Photography: Esther Kim
Creative Direction: Esther Kim
Photo Assistants: Andrea Kim, Gabe Rechsler, Sharmeen Chaudhary
Hair & Makeup: Nanase
Styling: Gabe Bass
Onsite Assistant: Jessica Spiers
Editor-in-Chief: Cathrine Khom
Copy Editor: Sophia Khom
Cover Design: Lisa Lok
Magazine: Local Wolves

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