Awakened Kawau Island - Local Wolves


Perspectives submission by photographer, Shanny Grace: These photos have been in the making for a few years, as we waited for borders to reopen in New Zealand. My model, who is also my sister, who was my first muse when I began my artistic avenues, was finally able to make it from Vancouver to NZ, this past December 2022. I knew we had to do a unique and empowering session, while she was here visiting, and there was no competition into our location options. Our forever favourite spot is Kawau Island, which is an Island North of Auckland, and is beyond tranquil paradise. I wanted my model to feel like a forest goddess, who was finally free. She was my freedom piece, awakened and travelled, forgetting all heartache and bruises and fully entering in her new era, being the true goddess that she is.

Photography: Shanny Grace, @sxannygrace
Model: Kelsey Steffan, @kelseymadelinx

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