He Loves Me, He Loves Me... POP! - Local Wolves


Perspectives submission by photographer, Justin Ayers: My photographic style fuses historical fashion and artistic movements with contemporary trends. Inspired by the iconic work of Roy Lichtenstein, specifically his piece ‘Drowning Girl,’ ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me… POP!’ reimagines Lichtenstein’s distinctive style in a modern photographic context. This series tells a story of loss and heartbreak while satirizing how people communicate and date in the digital age. Each image captures a moment in time, frozen in a graphic novel-inspired aesthetic, featuring bold visual elements and vibrant colors that blend the old with the new. This series aims to create a dialogue between past and present, combining the timeless themes of love and loss with the bold aesthetic of pop art. I invite viewers to explore the tension between the classic and the modern and to consider how our current technological landscape shapes our understanding of love and loss.

Words & Photography: Justin Ayers
Lighting: Willa Cutolo
Makeup & Digital Illustration: Sienna Gonzales
Model: Matthew Maxfield

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