Words & Photography by Benjamin Lieber" /> Benjamin Lieber 2018, Collection 1 - Local Wolves Words & Photography by Benjamin Lieber" />


I’ve been shooting film photography for almost 3 years now. It started as just a minor interest into how the mechanics of a film camera worked. How you got from loading the film to the final product of a (now) digital image. Once I realized that I sort of had a knack for it, I really dove in and developed my artistic eye for framing/learning what I liked and was attracted to in images. I’ve narrowed it down to this: I love patterns and lines, and seeing how, when framed in a photo correctly, almost can remove the physical, “3D” element from the original structure they came from. In the same vein, I also am really attracted to solid colors, and how they can create almost a 2D painting plane within the confines of the photo. These are just things I strive to achieve, haha. As per the collection; I decided late last year, after my band’s last U.S. tour that I wanted to move away from the “take a roll of photos and just post them on Instagram, and that’s it”. It felt very unsatisfying, and that it took away from the time and effort I put into the work. So I’m shifting to a collection based format. I’m going to try to release 4 a year, (we’ll see what ends up happening though) and this is the first. These photos were taken between December 2017 and March 2018, and feature my Christmas in Orlando with my family, time on my first tour for my solo project, Marigold, as well as a study on Buffalo’s beautiful architecture.

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