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Field Advice by San Antonio based singer and songwriter, Andria Rose, she/her.

Photo by Andria Rose

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a self proclaimed velvet dream pop singer/songwriter from Texas. In my personal life, I’m a pretty quiet and reserved kind of girl. On stage, I kind of come alive. My career and my art consume my life. I’m always writing and I love to film visuals. And when I’m not working, I love to take trips to the beach. I really just try to live out a painterly kind of life. 

Photo by Andria Rose

Describe your workspace.

I live with my boyfriend Bryan (who also happens to be my producer and creative partner) and we have a room in our house dedicated to being our little studio. We create every session on Ableton. We have a computer with two monitors, a microKORG synth, and my personal favorite, a Yamaha CP Reface Bryan got me for my birthday one year. We have like 7 guitars and a bunch of other instruments that we’ve acquired through thrift stores, pawn shops and hand-me-downs throughout the years. We take a lot of pride in our space. Every record I have out, we made together. 

What is your field advice for aspiring creatives?

I wish I realized the power of the internet sooner. I do everything DIY— including getting my music to bookers and publications. And what I’ve been able to gather is that any contact you need or want, is probably just a bit of research away. That’s what has been the case for me. You would be surprised who has some form of contact included with their social media pages. In regard to advice, I would say that it never hurts to ask; the worst they can say is no. And when they say no, it probably doesn’t mean no forever. Persistence is key! 

Photo by Andria Rose

What are your thoughts on the creative industry?

I think the industry is really who you know at the end of the day. It’s a system that doesn’t favor talent alone sometimes. There are so many talented people that never see the amount of success they seek. That thought is scary. Sometimes it can feel like time is running out. I guess throughout my journey as an indie artist and constantly busting my ass to be heard, I’ve realized you need really thick skin to survive. I try not to take anything personally anymore, because nothing is personal. The music industry is a business, which can sometimes hurt the organic side of art. I’m just focusing on myself and my craft right now— finding a balance between business and art. 

Photo by Andria Rose

What is your current favorite song at the moment while you work? 

I’ve been listening to a lot of French pop recently, specifically Vendredi sur Mer. I’m obsessed with her song, “Écoute Chérie”.

What is your favorite local spot that our readers should check out in your local neighborhood?

The Hotel Havana is one of (if not my favorite) place to hangout locally. I’m kind of always there either lounging or grabbing a drink with friends. I love the Latin flare and aesthetic. I’ve also filmed two music videos there, ‘In the Abstract’ and ‘Solita’. It’s right off of the Riverwalk and has a great view of it. I feel very centered and calm when I’m there, since there is so much greenery. I definitely recommend it! 

Photo by Andria Rose

What does Local Wolves community mean to you?

I came across Local Wolves through Instagram and fell in love! I love what Local Wolves stands for— giving a voice to all kinds of artists. It always begins local, before it becomes big— that is why I’m a firm believer in supporting local! 

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