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Photo by Sara Cronin

Field Advice by Pennsylvania based photographer and writer, Sara Cronin, she/her.

Photo by Sara Cronin

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! My name is Sara Cronin, and I am a portrait and landscape film photographer. I love to travel, write, and do anything that is creative!

Photo by Sara Cronin

Describe your workspace.

My workspace is my apartment, and it’s constantly changing. I’ve set it up to make my own homemade studio for multiple photoshoots by hanging up backdrops to the walls and bringing in props for photoshoots. I’ve created a lot of work in this space that is special to me.

What is your field advice for aspiring photographers?

Some advice that I wish I knew sooner is the importance of having patience and kindness towards myself. When I initially got into photography in college, I was incredibly hard on myself and set unrealistic standards. I learned a lot of hard, but fundamental personal lessons in my university’s darkroom in those first years as a new photographer that helped to cement the self-assurance and patience I have now within myself as an artist and individual.

What are your thoughts on the creative industry?

I think the creative industry has shaped the way I view myself in a positive way. I’ve intentionally surrounded myself with creatives in both professional and friendly settings, so I’m constantly gaining inspiration from others’ work, ideas, perspectives, and goals. I’m so thankful to know a lot of creative people in my life that are there to support and root for me as an artist and are also challenging me to push my own boundaries and help make my dreams a reality.

  • Photo by Sara Cronin
  • Photo by Sara Cronin
  • Photo by Sara Cronin
  • Photo by Sara Cronin
  • Photo by Sara Cronin

What is your current favorite song at the moment while you work?

I love to listen to acoustic and calming music whenever I’m editing photos or writing. It’s just really calming to me and makes me feel less stressed out when I have to edit a lot of photos or write. I listen to a little bit of everything! Some of my top artists are Ariana Grande, Summer Walker, Conan Gray! Test Drive by Ariana Grande is my favorite!

What is your favorite local spot that our readers should check out?

My favorite local spot in Pittsburgh is Kennywood, which is a small local amusement park. I have so many cherished childhood memories growing up and going to that park each summer ever since I could remember. It’s a longtime local family and school tradition that is so special to a lot of people like me who have grown up in Pittsburgh.

What does LOCAL mean to you?

Local to me means anything that is unique to a particular location. I love trying things that are local like museums, restaurants, and experiences. Local is always best!


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