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Photo by Phume

Field Advice by Johannesburg based musician and fashion designer, Phume, he/him.

Photo by Phume

Tell us about yourself.

I am a musician and fashion designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I think I love music more than most people. As a teenager, I curiously self-taught myself how to play the piano and played at church. I’ve gone on to find my way around the guitar and bass guitar. My favorite music genres are jazz, funk, alternative R&B, indie rock and anything off-beat really. These genres have shaped my sound as a recording artist. I also run my own fashion label called BY PHUME. Strangely enough, my journey into design began in Mechanical Engineering. I just apply my knowledge in a different discipline which gives me a unique point-of-view and approach to apparel design. I think if you look closer, you’ll start see the synergy in my hustle as an all-round artist.

Describe your workspace.

My workspace has a small desk where all the magic happens. I have art and my designer clothing in and around the space to give me inspiration. My recording setup is pretty rudimentary. I have an electric guitar and a keyboard which I playback through a single speaker. When I’m working on music, I have ambient lighting just to get the mood right. I don’t really have a structured workflow. I just do what feels right.

What is your field advice for aspiring creatives?

This one is mostly for my fellow creatives: Maintain your curiosity in things that you love. It will be the fuel that will propel you into spaces least explored. This one is to my younger self: Starting something new is good, but consistency is mega!

What are your thoughts on the creative industry?

I think when you create art with no pressure, that is freedom. As soon as you add monetization and numbers, you start to affect the end result. Some artists can cope with the pressure but for most artists and creatives, the business can become a hurdle. I personally try and focus on creating in the most authentic/free state without slowing myself down, thinking about the end result and whether it will sell. I want to make things that I like and hopefully someone will look at that and say; wow that’s amazing. I want that.

Photo by Phume

What is your current favorite song at the moment while you work?

Most Beautiful Grl by Kiefer.

What is your favorite spot that our readers should check out in your neighborhood?

I love being outdoors in nature, so I usually kick it at a beautiful park in Johannesburg called Emmarential Dam. If you’re looking to party, I would suggest Greenside or Sandton City. There are tons of dope spots there. 

What does the Local Wolves community mean to you?

I scrape streaming services to find good music, and adventurous artists. I’ve seen some of those artists going on to be featured on this platform. The editorial team has great taste so naturally I wanted to form part of their already outstanding network. These platforms mean the world to artists because one view from the right reader can change their lives.

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