The Charm of India - Local Wolves


There are many sources of solace for different people but for me, music and nature are at the peak of the list. I have traveled all over India from East to West and North to South. I have visited same places on different seasons and have been amazed by the change. I experienced firsthand that India is a country where there’s no season when there isn’t any colour in any part of the country let it be summer or winter or spring or monsoon. I always felt nature tries to give us a message however small. That the vibrant colours of the rhododendron tell us to have hope when the white mists cover the majestic Himalayas and nothing is visible. Among every beauty, the backwaters of Kerala along with the coconut trees gives us a soft welcome. Besides the lovely rippling waters and its pristine beauty, it provides a livelihood to thousands of people by providing fish etc. Nature is the most enchanting in its purest form. The animals always look more beautiful in the wild than in cages. Tadoba Forest is a known as a tiger reserve. The existence of tigers attracts tourists but the forest itself is a vision itself especially in spring. As I already mentioned earlier, nature bestows happiness upon me and I would like to keep it like that. I have seen a few out of a million places and can’t wait to see more.

Words & Photography: Saptoparni Biswas

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