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Local Wolves got the chance to peek inside the mind of Rora Blue (RB). At 20 years old, Rora is a not only a blogger, but an artist and designer. Notoriously known for The Unsent Project, Rora is asking people around the world one question: “If you could say one thing to your first love, what would it be?”

Tell us a bit about yourself.

RB – I’m a 20 year old artist living and working in California. My visual art is primarily focused in interactivity, I love connecting with people and involving others in my artistic process. I also design and create clothes, sing, take photos, model, and write.

Your blog is so unique! You have 4 different art series mentioned on your blog. What are these series?

RB – Thanks so much! The Unsent Project is an ongoing project I started about a year ago. The project is a collection of unsent text messages to first loves. I currently have over 28,000 submissions that I make large scale collages out of! Cutting Ties was a site specific string installation I did at Art Hotel in Sacramento. I invited visitors to write something that burdens them down on the walls and cut a string. The walls were covered in words by the end of the exhibit and the piece was torn down with the Hotel. My Ex’s Shit is an idea that stemmed from the Unsent Project. I invite people to send their ex’s stuff that they don’t know what to do with to my PO box. I plan to create art out of the items in the future. My newest series is called Handle With Care. The photos explore sexist comments that have affected me and other women. Some phrases are things I have been told at different times during my life, others are comments that other women have submitted to me. The photos aim to capture modern day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today. I have a lot new work coming as well! I like to stay busy haha.

The series, “Handle with Care” is so important, especially during this time. What made you want to start a series that portrays society͛s perception of women?

RB – I totally agree! I took a Women’s Studies course last semester and it inspired me to speak up about the sexism I have experienced in my life. I also wanted to give other women a platform to connect and share their experiences as well! I think it is important to speak up about social issues in order to encourage change. I love using art as a medium to do that.

You’ve also started a portion of your blog called “The Unsent Project.” Do you mind sharing what “The Unsent Project” is?

RB – The Unsent Project is a collection of unsent text messages to first loves. I also ask people what color they think of when they think of their first love. I am very interested in what color people see love in. I make the submissions into stickers and large colorful collages.


How did the idea for this project happen?

RB – Love is something that every person has experienced. I wanted to create a space for people to say the things that were left unsaid to the people they love. I also find it interesting that text messaging has become the modern day love letter for many people. I combined all of these thoughts and eventually the Unsent Project was born!

Did you ever imagine it gaining such quick attention and success?

RB – Definitely not! I posted the prompt on my blog and submissions started pouring in. I feel really lucky that I stumbled upon a concept that so many people relate to.

In the submissions, you must receive heartbreaking, funny, and sad posts. Has reading all these submissions help to fuel the creativity behind the project?

RB – Absolutely. I love reading all of the submissions, there is such a wide range of different emotions. I look for correlations between names, color, and emotion when I am creating my collages. I love when certain colored messages hold a similar tone, it makes the collage really powerful.


Color plays such a major role in your art. Why is color so important when it comes to art?

RB – Different colors can evoke different emotions. I like to use bold colors to help convey a certain message!

Out of all the amazing art series and projects you’ve created, which is your favorite? Why?

RB – Ooh! I love them all individually in such different ways. I get a wonderful sense of fulfillment out of the Unsent Project though. It’s a project that I’ve spent hundreds of hours on and I plan to spend hundreds more. I would say that it’s my favorite work of art because of how invested I have become in it. I think that this is a project I will still talk about when I’m 90.


When you’re not working away on your blog, what could we find you doing?

RB – Probably sewing clothes, taking photos, sipping coffee, singing too loudly… I love so many forms of art.

Starting your own blog and releasing your works of art to the world is a very courageous thing. Can you offer any advice to those who have similar dreams to yours?

RB – Why thank you! It was definitely scary for me at first. I think you just have to go for it, you know? This life is short and I think you should spend it doing what you love. If you love art then don’t let fear or anything else stop you from creating.

Where can our Local Wolves readers submit to “The Unsent Project”?

RB – You can submit to the Unsent Project at!

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