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At the helm of Ronni Hawk’s (RSStuck in the Middle acting debut, she has become an active voice on environmental issues that inevitably plague our planet. The lovability she has for the world is depicted through earnestly spreading awareness for the contemporary state of the environment in the social media sphere to showing her undying passion for The Thirst Project, an organization that brings clean drinking water to impoverished developing countries. As a sixteen-year old, she has already deemed her creative worth, as she aspires to interlace her career with both her dancing roots and environmental beliefs.


What initially drew you to playing the role of Rachel in Stuck in the Middle?

RH – I was very excited to try to get to play Rachel because she is not like me at all. I love getting to play this girly girl! This character is extremely fun for me to play because she is so opposite of me in many ways.

I highly value the fact that Disney Channel is incorporating a family of color on one of their immensely viewed shows, do you think it’s important for movies and TV shows to cast individuals of all shades and colors?

RH – I believe it is extremely important to have casts full of different races. It shows equality, and celebrates diversity. It’s great to show different types of cultures on TV.

When did you have the sudden realization that you wanted to pursue acting full time?

RH – I first started off with modeling back in Florida. I was invited to go to an acting workshop when I was 13 and met two acting coaches from LA. I learned so much that weekend and I absolutely fell in love with acting. I went to LA, signed with my agent and manager then just started going into auditions. With each audition I knew that the perfect role would come my way. I can’t say it’s easy but if you want it bad enough and are patient it is SO worth the wait.

Is there a specific genre of film and a specific type of character you would like to play in the future?

RH – I definitely want to move into more dramatic roles. I have always loved drama and to get to move into big screen drama films would be amazing.


What do you think is the most inspiring lesson Stuck in the Middle was able to transcend from a TV screen to its audience?

RH – Stuck In the Middle has really been able to show audiences how important family is and how you should always stick with your morals.

Stuck in the Middle was recently renewed for a second season, what are you most anticipating for your character in this upcoming season?

RH – I am so incredibly happy that we got picked up for season 2! I really hope to see Rachel’s kinder side come out and to see her let out a little of her crazy/fun side too.

You have background in ballet and jazz, would you ever like to incorporate these dancing roots into future projects?

RH – I would absolutely love to incorporate my dancing background in future projects. That would be so much fun! When you love something and commit hours upon hours but don’t get to do it as often as you like anymore, you miss it. A role that incorporates dancing would feel like going home again. Comfortable, gratifying!

I appreciate your candid efforts in widening the environmentalist scope, are there any specific environmental issues you’re particularly passionate about?

RH – Just recently I started working with The Thirst Project. This organization brings safe clean drinking water from freshwater wells to people in developing nations and impoverished communities. Millions of people on our planet lack safe clean drinking water. The Thirst Project is the world’s leading youth water activism organization. The Thirst Project has dedicated to providing the entire nation of Swaziland clean safe drinking water. Amazing! We take for granted we can walk to the kitchen and fill a glass with safe, clean drinking water. I would love for you guys to check out their website!

Regarding animal rights, do you believe animals should be free from their restricting habitats in zoos?

RH – I do believe that animals should be free from zoos and restricting habitats. The thing is right now the animals in the zoo would not know how to provide for themselves if they were let out into the wild. I believe animals should be protected and only brought out of the wild if they are endangered or injured. Really, zoos are tremendously helpful to endangered animals by providing a safe environment.

How do you feel the young generation should get involved in helping to protect the environment?

RH – The young generation can start school environmental clubs, car washes and donate the money to environmental projects. There are many different ways to start helping the environment! Save water— take shorter showers, turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth, and turn on the tap only when you are ready to rinse or gargle. Use less plastic. Use biodegradable, recyclable and reusable things.

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