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Raiche by Sara Feign


Rising recording artist, RAICHE, effortlessly combines both her natural talent and bold personality, which propels her into another level. With her brand new EP Drive, and a growing social media following, it is quite clear that Raiche has made an impact and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. Beginning by uploading cover videos to YouTube in a small town two hours outside of Boston, to now having 20K+ followers on Instagram, the young artist focuses on ideas of working hard, radiating positivity and possessing confidence in not only the lyrics of her music, but in the habits of her everyday life.

The power of social media in today’s world is evident across all disciplines. It’s importance and possibility in reaching an audience, spreading a message and displaying anything can all aid in advancing a career— which is exactly what it has done for Raiche in only a few short years. “Some people think otherwise, but for me social media keeps me creative. Keeps me wanting to try new things and step out of my comfort zone. You have to be one step ahead to grow your Instagram page. It’s important to showcase your product and in my case it’s me,” says Raiche. This constant practice of pushing boundaries and walking the tightrope of contentment and complacency is the number one motive behind Raiche’s songs. She uses motivation, confidence and consistency as a starting point and elevates those feelings to her music. “I stay up on my game by constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then after feeling completely uncomfortable, taking some time for myself to appreciate the work that I’ve put in and the product that’s come from it.” Her song “Money Pies,” the fifth track on the EP, is an excellent example of just how important these concepts mean to her.

This collection of songs flow together seamlessly, but each differ slightly in style. Cultivating a unique sound based off of modern day pop and soulful, bluesy undertones, it’s no wonder that Raiche loves both oldies and classics. Listener’s can expect to hear a nod to the past, mixed with breezy, fresh vocals and upbeat melodies. “Drive,” the first song and the title track “…had the strongest direction and story line,” says Raiche. “It describes my character and qualities as a person very well.”

“Complicated,” the third track on the EP, has over 200,000 plays on Spotify and is Raiche’s second most popular song on Spotify. “I think listeners are resonating with “Complicated” because humans are creatures of love and we all go through heartbreak and the motions of relationships. “Complicated” is easily identifiable.” Honesty and reliability are strong takeaways from Drive which are intentions on Raiche’s radar. “It’s important for my music to always have a positive message, I feel that as a writer and artist, I have a very serious and important job. The music people listen to becomes imbedded in their mind and what you keep in your mind turns in to the actions you make and how you move through this life.” Being a role model for listener’s to look up to excites Raiche and influences the direction she is heading.

When asked about her creative and writing process, Raiche says, “I feel the most creative at night time. When it’s just me, myself and I chillin’. It’s almost always a melody that comes first then the lyric. When I’m alone it comes all at once though, like a song from my heart.” Navigating the music industry by sharing her journey and showcasing exactly what it takes, strikes a serious momentum of growth, ambition and desire. Raiche states that her biggest inspiration is her mother, who has always had a tremendous work ethic that was impressionable from a young age. Taking that stride and running with it, has allowed Raiche to make an immediate impact in the charts where she has found listeners demanding and enchanted for more.

The best has yet to come for Raiche, who’s sound and authenticity is ready for whatever comes her way next. Anticipated to only advance and flourish, Raich says that “the future feels and looks bright. Expect to see my face around more and more.”

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