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Gulf Shores, Alabama — May 17-19, 2024

Hangout Music Festival 2024 was something that truly had something for everyone. With just over 60 artists taking 5 different stages, it was an outstanding weekend. They also always have such fun side activities like Smooch-A-Pooch, and even a wedding chapel!


Day 1 was a hot one, weather wise and line up wise! I definitely found myself running from set to set trying to catch a glimpse of some of my favorite artists. I started off the day catching The Stews open up the Hangout Main Stage.


The Stews quickly set a high bar for the weekend. Their blend of rock and alternative vibes, marked by catchy riffs and energetic vocals, immediately drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. I had a few minutes with them after the set to take a few portraits and I can vouch that they are just as fun off stage as they are on!


After The Stews’ set, I quickly ran over to the new Shoreline stage to catch folk-pop artist Brenn! play his 10th ever show. Yes, you read that correctly! Having blown up on TikTok in 2022, the 19 year old brought a huge crowd ready to sing his hit song “4runner.”


In the same genre, I caught David Kushner on the main stage right after. His crowd did not disappoint! Standout tracks like “Miserable Man” and “Daylight” resonated deeply with the audience, creating a powerful emotional connection that had everyone singing along.


Back at the Shoreline stage, I watched The Beaches and Del Water Gap back to back. Truly some of the best performers! Between sets I took my chance to grab some quick dinner. Having had their pizza in the previous years, I was absolutely looking forward to it again!



Dominic Fike took the Hangout Main Stage at sunset drawing a huge and enthusiastic crowd. Sporting his new bleached buzzcut, Fike played hit songs like “Sunburn” and “Mona Lisa.”


Lana Del Rey’s set was one of the most anticipated of the festival, and she did not disappoint. Entering the festival on an ATV followed by her dancers, the crowd went absolutely insane. With a setlist that included classics like “Summertime Sadness” and new hits from her latest album, Del Rey created a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere that captivated the entire audience. She also continued to captivate them by bringing out FOUR special guests! Singing “Peppers” with Tommy Genesis, “Beautiful Things” with Benson Boone, “American Jesus” with Nessa Barrett, and “Sweet Home Alabama” with Jelly Roll. I can definitely say it was a great way to end day 1!


Day 2 was a cooler day, which I think everyone needed after day 1! There was also a rain delay after some major morning storms that pushed the schedule back a little bit.


I started off my day catching Knox for some quick portraits before his set that kicked off the Hangout Main Stage for the day. Drawing quite the crowd, he had everyone singing along to his top songs, “Not The 1975” and “Sneakers.” Then I popped over to the Shoreline Stage to catch the end of Dasha’s set, which did not disappoint! She even brought up some fans to join in the viral “Austin” dance.


Running back over to the Hangout stage, Chappell Roan drew a huge crowd. Sporting a new look for her “Superbowl” moment, fans were beyond excited for her set. I hadn’t had the privilege of seeing her perform live yet, and she definitely exceeded my expectations with her insanely energetic and fun performance.


I headed back into the media lounge to meet up with Dasha and Jessie Murph for some quick portraits, which was super fun! I also squeezed in some time to grab a slice of pizza before catching Jessie’s set on the Hangout stage. Opening up with an intro rendition of “Wild Ones,” she had everyone screaming along. It was truly such a fun performance!



Cage the Elephant was definitely who I was the most excited to see this weekend. I had heard they delivered the most insane live performances, and I can definitely say all those people were correct! Known for their high-energy shows, the band delivered explosive renditions of hits like “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and “Come a Little Closer.” Their dynamic stage presence and interaction with the crowd made for a truly unforgettable experience.


Ending out the night ODESZA took the Hangout Main Stage by storm. Their immersive production, complete with stunning visuals and powerful beats, created a truly euphoric atmosphere.


Day 3 was bittersweet. I was absolutely exhausted but also so sad to think it was my last day in Gulf Shores!


Little Stranger took the main stage first with their quirky and eclectic performance that added a fun and unexpected twist to the festival. Their blend of hip-hop, rock, and funk kept the audience dancing and excited for the day. I took a little bit of a break from the music at this point to explore some of the stuff around the festival grounds. Smooch-A-Pooch was one of my favorites last year, and I knew I had to make a trip back! Nothing like cuddling some precious pups to keep your spirits high for the last day. I also stopped for a coffee and got to check out the Takis tent with cornhole and free Takis, of course.


I quickly caught Paul Russell on the Mermaid stage (who was absolutely incredible!) before running to see Megan Maroney at the Shoreline stage where she wowed the crowd. Not only with her killer vocals, but also by bringing out Lana Del Rey to join her on her hit song, “Tennessee Orange.” I can’t say anyone was expecting that!



Back at the Hangout Main Stage, Reneé Rapp brought her insane stage presence that kept the crowd going. She was another artist I hadn’t yet seen live, and again exceeded any expectations I had!


To end Hangout Music Festival 2024, Zach Bryan truly delivered in his performance with songs like “Hey Driver” and an almost 15 minute version of “Revival,” which everyone gladly sang along the whole time!

Overall, Hangout Music Festival 2024 was again truly captivating, offering a diverse lineup that celebrated both emerging talent and established artists. Right on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, Hangout Music Festival should absolutely be on your radar for next year… and every year after that!

Words & Photography: Logan Daugherty

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