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We had an exclusive opportunity to meet with Los Angeles based singer, Alexi Blue and got to explore a bit of the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California.

Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you and where are you from?

AB – I’m Alexi Blue! I’m 18 years old and I’m born and raised in Los Angeles!

What kind of music do you play?

AB – I would describe my music style as pop/R&B, with some edge to it. I definitely aim to write catchy hooks and I’m totally into my song lyrics. Writing music is like a puzzle to me, and one thing about the way I write music is that I actually write all of my songs to an acoustic guitar… Some artists and writers find it easier to write to tracks, but I’ve been playing acoustic guitar since I was 10, so it’s definitely my comfort zone.

Growing up, what kind of music did you listen to? Would you say that listening to that music has been influential on the style of music you create now?

AB – Growing up, I listened to SO many genres of music. My mom is an 80s music fan so she exposed me to that, and my dad loves hip hop and rap. I’ve listened to country, R&B, EDM, and everything in between. Good music is good music regardless of the genre… I just love listening to good music. I totally think all different genres of music influence the way I write in different aspects ranging from song concepts, to lyrics, to melodies.

Your style is so unique. Has having a different and edgy style always been something you’ve embraced?

AB – Well thank you for saying that! I’m a girl that definitely loves fresh fashion. My style is always evolving. I always try to follow along with what the latest fashion trends are, and then I add my own edge and style to them. I think that’s what makes it unique! Since I have hot pink dip dyed hair, one thing I always have to make sure is that my clothing and hair match. It’s a fun process!

You really emphasize girl empowerment. What do you hope your music says to girls all over the world?

AB – I really appreciate that. I want my music to let girls know that they have worth, and we all have that sixth sense and inner voice we need to always listen to. From being a young girl growing up in this new social media driven generation, I know the pressure of feeling like you need to change to be “cool”. The first single I released is called “Royalty”. It’s about fronting and being something that you’re not over social media for popularity or “likes”. My other single “Kicked a Girl” is about when people try to negatively label you for being true to yourself. Basically, Id say that the my main message with my music is simple… it’s to be real and to be you, because that’s enough!

You always have a blue star symbol next to your eye. Do you mind sharing what it represents?

AB – Yes, I’m so happy you noticed! My fans are called my “Blue Stars”, so in every music video or for every live show, I wear a blue star symbol next to my eye to represent my blue stars! It’s basically a symbol for them to let them know how much I appreciate them and all their love! It’s a way of me letting them know that we’re on this journey together.

Has having a really great set of fans helped you really want to pursue your music career and do you think they have played a major role in your drive to chase your dreams?

AB – I’m so blessed to have a fan base as strong and supportive as my “Blue Stars”. It’s truly something you can’t buy or put a price on for that, I feel so grateful. When I made the transition from posting cover songs on YouTube, to writing and recording and sharing my own original music and artistry, they accepted it with open arms. We opened a new door together because of how supportive and accepting they were and continue to be. They motivate me everyday to continue chasing my dreams and I’m so stoked that were all on this ride together. Being in this industry, sometimes it can be extremely difficult.

How do you over come some of the negative aspects of the job?

AB – Unfortunately, people say rude things and leave negative comments on a daily basis, and that’s just apart of the career I chose to pursue. I focus on the positive. Negativity will do nothing but slow you down so there’s no point in paying any attention to it or validating it. Haters are gonna hate, so as long as your happy with yourself and what your doing, that͛s all that matters.

Do you have any advice you could offer to young girls like yourself that want to have a career in the music industry?

AB – Definitely… well, I believe in dream boards. Make one, hang it in your room, put your dreams out there into the universe, and look at it everyday! I’d also say that you have want it more than anything. It has to be your number one passion and you have to be in it for the long haul, because its a slow growth and takes patience, but the journey is truly amazing. It’s also so important to enjoy every small baby step you make.… Every YouTube subscriber, every fan letter, every live show, every new opportunity; It all adds up to create your own story. Have a large dream, but enjoy the ride of getting there. Also, make sure to surround yourself with people who believe in your dream as much as you do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us! Where can we listen to your music?

AB – Thank you so much for taking your time to interview me! I’m so flattered. You can find my music everywhere. I have four original singles out right now (Wild Heart, Royalty, Kicked a Girl, and 180) and you can listen to them all on iTunes, Spotify, and watch the official music videos on YouTube! I’m also SO stoked to announce that I dropped my next single on June 12th!

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