Overstimulated with Nick The Llama - Local Wolves


In his sophomore independent album, OVERSTIMULATED, Nick The Llama expertly blends pop, rap, and dance elements, exuding unbridled energy and vibrant color. With Justin Ayers’ creative direction and Jarae Holieway’s exuberant styling, Nick discovered the ideal visuals to complement the message of his new LP: “Be Weird. Be Crazy. Be Real.”

Too often, we’re consumed with ‘fitting in’ and ‘acting normal,’ forgetting that we’re none of those things. Humans are weird. This LP aims to encourage listeners and fans to be audacious, to live ridiculously. Don’t strive to be average. Be extraordinary,” says Nick The Llama.

The images convey a spirit of power, fire, and vitality, showcasing the incredible potential of letting go. Jarae’s styling artfully amplifies this vigor with layers of vivid color. Justin skillfully translates Jarae’s vision and Nick’s dynamic energy, not only capturing Nick The Llama’s flamboyant presence in front of the camera but also his prowess center stage. Together, these three artists present a radiantly original collaboration bound to captivate all who encounter their work, whether in front of the camera, behind the scenes, on stage, or in the studio.

Discover and stream Nick The Llama’s new album here

Creative Direction: Justin Ayers

Photography & Retouch: Justin Ayers

Wardrobe: Jarae Holieway

Talent: Nick The Llama

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