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Open your mind and take a trip into the cosmological, the galactic, and the psychedelic; look within yourself and discover just how expansive your imagination can be. This is what the indie rockers Dreamers has done, and they welcome all dreamers alike to revel in their creativity. Since 2014, the Brooklyn-based band made up of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Nelson (bass), and Chris Bagamery (drums) has been creating seductive, joyful indie rhythms oozing with nostalgic, rich punk and grunge influence. Since their formation, they have released two EPs including their recent release You Are Here, climbed the AltNation charts, and started recording their debut album, which is due out later this year. While Dreamers creates infectious music, they are truly driven by existential curiosity – searching for meaning in and outside of our universe. They have a passion to create and a faith in the possibilities present, and if this ambition and vision is boiling inside of you, too, then you most definitely should dream along with them. (NW  Nick Wold)

What does being a dreamer mean to you?

NW – Being a dreamer is being a thinker, a creator, an imaginer. These are the things we aspire to and cherish the most.

How did you come about writing your manifesto and why did you choose to write one?

NW – We felt that having a name like Dreamers meant we had to explain what we mean, or back it up with concepts. It was fun but also serious for us. We love philosophy and talking about big ideas. So much of your aesthetic and grandiose style draws from the cosmological.

In what way does the greater universe inspire you?

NW – So many ways. I always say I’m a fan of science the way people are fans of music. I don’t participate in it but I follow the developments and am inspired by it. Scientist are discovering where it is that we exist and trying to figure out more about what we are. Earth is a tiny fleck of dust floating in a possibly infinite cosmos; it’s a humbling perspective and one that turns on our imaginations.

As you have said, ͞We are all dreamers, why is it important to you that Dreamers extends beyond the bands and incorporates the fans as well?

NW – One reason we wanted to make music in the first place was to bring people together, and more specifically people from all walks but with a common interest or like-mind. We feel it’s better to have the name include everyone who wants to be a dreamer, and not just put us on that pedestal.


In what ways has being in New York influenced your experience as a band?

NW – New York has an incredible energy. It attracts people who want to do things and makes them believe they can. It seems like everyone there has a story to tell and crazy goals or ideas. Being immersed in that has had a massive effect on us. Nick is from Seattle and now you’re based in Brooklyn.

Your music has a bit of grunge and 70s CBGB influences– are you nostalgic for these periods in music at all? Have these places influenced you creatively?

NW – Growing up in Seattle during the 90’s definitely effected me in a huge way. It was a special time that I learned about from my older sister and absorbed subconsciously, as I was too young to understand it. Some truly great and timeless things came out of it. I have a ton of nostalgia for it, and for other great moments in rock music that I’ve obsessed with over the years. You recently tweeted a screenshot about how thankful you are for how far you’ve come– coming out from living in a Bushwick rehearsal space.

What has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

NW – Being able to live a life of thought and creativity, knowing all the people in my life who’ve supported, and meeting people who say they’ve been inspired by our music.

A lot of your songs have very danceable beats, but have darker lyrical content like that of ͞Shooting Shadows and ͞Wolves. How do you balance this dichotomy? What does this say about you creatively?

NW – We’ve heard this description of it before, and I think it’s interesting. I think a lot of the songs we write are a sad person’s happy moment, or vice versa. I like music that is joyful but knowledgeable of sadness or the other way around– sad but with belief in hope.

How does writing music provide a space for you to address your existential wonders about life?

NW – Music is an abstract group (or solo) expression, which is existentially wonderful. But lyrics are the way to directly address existential wonder. A lot of the songs we’re currently making are about smaller ideas, fun things, sad things, life things, but I think our music will get more directly existential as time goes by.

Your recent EP is titled You Are Here. In what ways are you most present in this moment of your creative process as Dreamers?

NW – I think ‘You Are Here’ is something that we have to constantly remind ourselves. There’s something so valuable about remembering to just exist and ‘be in the moment’ sometimes. It’s like the cosmic perspective, it takes you out of whatever loop your mind is stuck on, and puts you back on the Earth.

What do you hope your music does for your fans?

NW – We hope it makes people really feel things, the way we felt things when we were inspired by great music before us.

What are your dreams for this band going forward?

NW – We wanna see the world (more than we already have), meet more of it’s good people, keep growing as people and as artists, and have lots more dreams before we’re done.

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