Show Recap: Tiffany Day - Local Wolves


Tiffany Day — Webster Hall in New York, NY — March 19, 2023

In her own words, 23-year-old Tiffany Day said her show for the Gratitude Tour at New York City’s Webster Hall was “one of the biggest performances of her career”. After first finding her bedroom pop single “YOU’RE SO FUCKING MEAN TO ME” on my Spotify Discover Weekly during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, it’s safe to say that watching her now captivate that young NYC crowd was truly heartwarming. Fast forward to 2023, Tiffany has transformed into an artist fearless of trying different genres. She performed a slew of youngs from electropop hits like “SHOULD I BE OK?” to slower songs like “HANNA”, and even an explosive DJ set.

Capturing the feeling of being young through all its highs and lows, Tiffany’s music is deeply personal, creating a connection with her audience and reminding us how beautiful it is to feel through music. Dancing and jumping across the stage, singing on a mattress with her stuffed animals, she embodies what it’s like being a young adult: growing, maturing, and feeling, all while healing our inner child.

Words & Photography: Sravya Balasa

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