Show Recap: Big Time Rush - Local Wolves


Can’t Get Enough Tour — Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX — June 22, 2023

Last Thursday marked the start of Big Time Rush’s Can’t Get Enough Tour in Fort Worth, Texas. The crowd’s excitement was palpable right from the beginning and the wide range of attendees was wonderful to see: teenagers holding large handmade signs making their way into Dickies Arena, parents of fans bringing their kids in, holding hands for safety, people in their late twenties and thirties who grew up with Big Time Rush walking in with their own young children. The energy only grew with opening acts Jax and MAX, each performing lively sets that had the whole crowd on their feet. The arena was buzzing with anticipation by the time Big Time Rush took the stage. When the four members appeared, silhouetted by light and fog, the entire venue erupted with screams.



It was genuinely so fun to watch them perform. The band interacted with fans as much as possible, standing at the edge of the platforms, high-fiving people at the barricade, running through the crowd, and even bringing four emotional girls on stage for the song “Worldwide.” It was sweet, seeing such tangible love and appreciation between artist and fan. Amidst synchronized dances and outfit changes, the other three members of the band—Kendall, James, and Carlos—made sure to emphasize that this was a hometown show for Logan, who had grown up in the very same county they were playing in. The night passed quickly. With a shower of confetti while the group sang their hits “Boyfriend” and “Till I Forget About You,” the show came to a glowing close. Big Time Rush truly kicked off their tour with a bang. 

Words & Photography: Uma Snow

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