Show Recap: Goth Babe - Local Wolves


Goth Babe — Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO — April 23, 2023

Goth Babe, the musical brainchild of Griff Washburn, just wants you to have fun. “I want this to be a safe place for everyone to dance and have a good time” he says from the stage of Denver’s Mission Ballroom, and the crowd is keen to listen. His catchy hooks and synth-pop loops practically beg your feet to tap and your hips to sway. He commands the stage with and without his guitar, running from end to end as his signature stick figure-like trees light up behind him. He kicks off “The Lola Tour” with three Colorado shows, performing in Aspen on April 22nd and set to perform at a sold-out Red Rocks on April 25th alongside Cautious Clay and Yoke Lore, and completed a significant festival circuit in 2022 with performances at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, among others. When he isn’t on stage, Griff is out seeing the world in his van or his sailboat with his beloved “best friend,” Sadie (one of the cutest pups to have ever lived, in my opinion). Goth Babe’s sound feels reminiscent of the dreamy places he travels to, with standouts like recent single “Alone in the Woods” and “Surfing in Iceland” (an activity he really did in collaboration with outdoor apparel brand, Arc’teryx). Whether he’s inspiring you to mix your own tunes or give van life a try, Goth Babe will make sure you’re doing anything but sitting still. 

Words & Photography: Lee Dubin

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