Show Recap: Ethan Bortnick - Local Wolves


Ethan Bortnick — The Echo in Los Angeles, CA — April 26, 2023

Ethan Bortnick has had the word prodigy linked with his name since the age of three and it’s safe to say it is not an exaggeration. On April 26th, groups of fans packed into the Echo in Los Angeles to await the young artist’s performance. The Florida native delivered an impressive mirriad of songs, heavily mixing his new indie/pop style with his classical piano training. His eclectic music style delivered a huge impact and left everyone, young and old, praising him. When Ethan finally took the stage though, the room erupted in screams and squeals, as he casually sauntered onto his seat in front of a beautiful piano. Playing with a skill and confidence unlike anything I have ever seen before, he dove right into his first song, his fingers gliding over the keys at an impressive speed. The young artist used the mandatory break he was given because of the pandemic to reinvent himself and develop a new sound, a bold and original take on indie pop that is heavily piano driven but never lacking in raw emotion. With song after song, he delivered an explosive performance that left everyone in awe. Ethan is a natural born talent, not only a prodigy but an impressive and well rounded performer. He connects with his audience through his talent alone, and has an unmatched level of charisma as if necessary to like him even more. 

Words & Photography: Ana Oquendo

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