Show Recap: Godly the Ruler - Local Wolves


Public Records in Brooklyn, NY — May 7, 2024

Godly the Ruler performed at Public Records in Brooklyn, NY on May 7th. The venue (like many others in New York) was hidden behind graffitied doors. A long hallway then led to a small room. It looked similar to a recording studio, with walls lined by wooden panels for noise absorption. Each of the four walls was taken up—one by a stage, one by a bar, one by a sound booth, and then a bench on the far side. The crowd consisted of not more than 40 people and the energy was high from the beginning. Godly was accompanied by a guitarist, drummer, backing track, and intense auto-tune. Their set was a mashing of genres that felt somewhere between modern rap and punk rock—down to the moshing and jumping of the crowd.

Words & Photography: Emma Fischer

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