Show Recap: Hippo Campus - Local Wolves


Hippo Campus — Southside Ballroom in Dallas, TX — May 18, 2023

Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity to witness the live debut of LP3, Hippo Campus’ third studio album. This year, at the Southside Ballroom in Dallas, TX, I had the pleasure of reliving that experience, along with the introduction of their newest EP, Wasteland. I was delighted to hear that Gus Dapperton would be accompanying the Minnesota natives on this tour. With his inclusion, the blend of discographies  made the whole night a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Gus brought along his own band, performing classics like “Prune, You Talk Funny” and “Post Humorous.” They marched in perfect cadence, showcasing his latest collaboration with BENEE, titled “Don’t Let Me Down.”  The lively and  playful energy was carried throughout his set prepping the crowd for the main act.

Lead vocalist Jake Lupen, sporting an Ezekiel Elliot jersey, commanded the stage with his infectious energy and cheerful demeanor. Spanning over a decade, the band’s extensive discography took center stage, featuring crowd favorites like “Boys,” “Moonshine,” and “Baseball.” Trumpeter, DeCarlo Jackson and lead guitarist, Nathan Stocker showcased their musical talents with captivating solos during various songs. The night concluded in true Hippo Campus fashion, as they delivered their most beloved tracks, “Bambi” and encored with “Buttercup.” As anticipated, the music hall echoed with the resounding voices of the sold-out crowd, bringing the night to a magnificent close.

Words & Photography: Patrick Le

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