Show Recap: Lowertown - Local Wolves


Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland, OH — January 21, 2024

Lowertown came to Cleveland as a part of their 2024 Winter Tour. The show was in the Tavern room of Beachland Ballroom & Tavern, which houses a small crowd. That didn’t make their performance any less powerful. The venue was actually a great match to the grunge aesthetic of their branding, clothing, and music. A local Cleveland band, Unrecovery started the night off with an energetic set and Lowertown followed soon after.

Lowertown are incredible performers and the energy they put into their performance was reciprocated by the audience. They were great at engaging the crowd, getting them moving, moshing, doing a synchronized dance for one song, and even going into the crowd themselves. There was little separation between the crowd and the performers—both were equally engaged in the performance of it all. They kept the energy in the room high the entire set, but still took time to honor some of their slower songs, finishing up with an encore of just the two vocalists and an acoustic guitar.

Words & Photography: Emma Fischer

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