Show Recap: Hozier - Local Wolves


Unreal Unearth Tour — The Criterion in Oklahoma City, OK — October 11, 2023

From haunting melodies to heart-wrenching lyrics, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier erupted with unimaginable power at The Criterion in Oklahoma City. His resounding vocals, accompanied by mesmerizing visual motifs from his latest album Unreal Unearth, immersed the crowd in an unparalleled kinship of earnest emotion. The setlist featured a blend of Hozier’s discography, from his breakthrough hit “Take Me to Church” to more recent tracks such as “Eat Your Young,” during which the crowd coordinated a display of the Irish tricolor in a brilliant wave of orange, green, and white phone flashlights as a tribute to his heritage. His music is a powerful reflection of the human condition, which captivated the crowd in a catharsis of universal longing and frustration.

Words & Photography: Emma Nguyen

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