Show Recap: Jessie Ware - Local Wolves


That Feels Good Tour — Terminal 5 in New York, NY — October 20, 2023

Nothing can keep Jessie Ware down. At least, certainly not a little bit of rain on a windy night in NYC. The London-born singer brought her traveling dance club, The Pearl, to Terminal 5 for two glorious nights of sing-till-your-lungs-give-out goodness. Pre arrival in the pit, I anticipated nothing less than Ware’s impeccable vocals and South English charm, but the That! Feels Good! tour quickly revealed itself in all its brazen theatricality and uninhibited vulnerability. From recent releases like the bubbly dance anthem “Shake the Bottle” to classics like the seductive glamour of “Spotlight,” Jessie Ware served New York a tour de force in crisp choreography, vocal mastery, and showstopping wardrobe changes. If a body wasn’t dancing, their eyes were glued to the stage. Every song – save for the intimate moments like “Say You Love Me” – was topped with an equally enchanting dance number, brought to life by both Ware and her four dancemates and supportive vocalists. Each soul performing beneath the spotlights of Terminal 5 moved with an undeniable fire that gripped the room until the final seconds of Ware’s departing numbers: a lovely cover of Cher’s “Believe,” where the mother and multiple award nominee walked amongst the crowd to sing face-to-face with fans, and recent hit “Free Yourself” from her latest album and eponymously titled tour.

That! Feels Good! is a timely and unyielding exploration of love, pleasure, and self-acceptance. Nothing could have prepared me for the thrilling ride that was The Pearl club. Now, with some time spent ruminating on the night, I am most left with gratitude for being able to witness such unbridled togetherness at least once in my lifetime. Only Mrs. Ware could throw a dance party like this – only Mrs. Ware could top a night like this. I’ll let you know the next time she does.

Words & Photography: Victoria Rose Huerta

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