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03/04/2016 – SoHo House, New York, NY.

In celebration of the re­release of their first studio album, Everybody WantsThe Struts played a show at New York City’s Soho House. No more than 150 people packed into the small home ­decorated vinyl room for an intimate performance. The mix of new and old music from the British rock group gave an insight as to why the band has found such popularity in the UK and elsewhere. The group’s success has warranted comparisons to Queen and The Rolling Stones and their forthcoming tour outlines their plan for a new british invasion of the United States. Drummer Gethin Davies, bassist Jed Elliott, and guitarist Adam Slack supported lead vocalist Luke Spiller for a wild and vibrant live performance. Spiller brings 70s glam rock to 2016 with dark eyeshadow, long hair and energetic movements. Ending the night with a sing­along to “Where Did She Go,” and a turn standing on the bar, The Struts brought a well­rounded, interactive, and entertaining rock show. You can get Everybody Wants on iTunes, and be sure to see the band on their in support of the album. For more information on The Struts and their tour dates, you can visit their website.

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