Show Recap: Meltt - Local Wolves


Baby’s All Right in New York, NY — November 1, 2023

Concert-goers around New York never fail to line the walls of Baby’s All Right. Being a tried and true venue for intimate performances, artists both familiar and upcoming adorn the Baby’s name. Vancouver-born Meltt serves as one of the latest additions to this ever-growing roster of talent. This past November, the alt-psych-rock band whipped up a dreamy spectacle for the Brooklyn crowd. The quartet emerged in 2014 and has released three EPs and two albums during their time together. A handful of tunes from their latest project, Eternal Embers made their way to Baby’s, including the infectiously groovy “Within You, Within Me.” Expanding upon the fresh and dreamy atmosphere popularized by artists like Tame Impala, Meltt is inviting amidst its otherworldly sounds. There’s a cosmic feeling to Meltt’s music, yet it never feels too big for one’s ears. As the band makes their way from one song to the next, the room melts (pun fully intended and accurate) into an artfully spun world of color and sonic adventure. The band’s unadulterated love for their expression only enriches the experience. Relaxed yet heartfelt, the group shines as they dance the room through the mind of Meltt. There’s an undeniable fire beneath their friendly exterior, exactly the kind that grips you for days after the fact, that makes you want to know more. As the night ends, I find myself utterly immersed and saddened at the reality that my subway ride home will be on planet Earth rather than planet Meltt. But more than anything, there’s a lingering excitement for the band’s future: for future sounds, for future worlds yet to be discovered, and for future performances. Count me in for the next tour!

Words & Photography: Vic Huerta

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