Show Recap: Mitch Rowland - Local Wolves


The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA — February 26, 2024

Mitch Rowland packed out The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on a Monday night and led the crowd in a nostalgic mist of swirling serene vocals and strings. On his very first solo tour, playing his debut album, Come June, Rowland has come to impress with his incredible musical capabilities and entrancing melodies. While some fans may know Rowland from his longstanding partnership with Harry Styles, originating back to co-writing, guitar and percussion credits for the little known song, “Sign of the Times,” Rowland is garnering a name for himself with his debut passion project. This record, and Mitch on stage before a sold-out audience, were soft and optimistic; a combination that pulls you in and feels like a breeze on a hot day. Rowland played songs that paint a lush sonic landscape such as, “Bluebells” and “Come June,” and more upbeat songs like “Here Comes the Comeback.” If I can draw the comparison, Mitch Rowland evoked the same type of warmth in his tracks and openness of his guitars as artists like Elliot Smith. Mitch was accompanied by a beautiful ensemble of four other musicians, including Sarah Jones on the drums. The entire night was a reminder of the poetry and disarming beauty in earnest storytelling. Mitch Rowland is on his way to becoming a staple in any folk playlist you put together. Don’t miss your chance to catch him on his first solo tour, and be sure to stream Come June on any platform you listen to music on.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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