Show Recap: Noah Cyrus - Local Wolves


The Hardest Part Tour — Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC — September 17, 2023

Noah Cyrus, a legend in her own lane and a triumphant musician in an industry that at times; can swallow you whole. The 23 year old artist made her way to the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 17th. The venue packed out, shoulder to shoulder; with fans, friends, and family all awaiting today’s blazing pop star. Out came Noah, fans cheered and stomped as the enchantress stepped forward up to the mic – the room quickly fell to a quiet stillness I had never seen before. The opening song, “Noah (Stand Still)” from her sophomore album, The Hardest Part grabbed the attention of everyone in the room and for the entire song, fans just stood, listened, and bonded with Noah.

Cyrus weaved what felt and looked like a genuine, pure, and love-soaked thread throughout the entire venue for the whole night until it shaped into a heart that was once broken; healed and anew. “I Burned LA Down” and “Ready to Go” are very raw and emotional pieces performed by Noah that night, they let you into a part of her world that not many outside of her inner circle would see. “Mr. Perocet” got the crowd swaying hips and placed into a cool and melodic trance. “Make Me (Cry)”, the number one 2016 single that launched Cyrus’s music career was on the set list and fans were elated, myself included. Standing tall and her head held high, Noah has played by her own rules and set her own terms when it comes to her music, fan base, and artistry. She had a vision and went with what her gut and heart told her to do. A force of nature and furthering divine femininity, Noah Cyrus carves a beautiful way forward with transparency, angelic-like vocals, and a piece of her heart ever-changing.

Words & Photography: Isaiah Pate

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