Show Recap: Noah Gundersen - Local Wolves


The Lodgeroom in Highland Park, CA — November 10, 2023

Noah Gundersen‘s night at The Lodge Room was an intimate and enchanting journey. Zander Hawley kicked off the evening with a soul-stirring performance, weaving poignant lyrics with masterful guitar work to create a captivating atmosphere. His emotive set not only served as a fitting prelude to Noah Gundersen but also solidified his standing as a rising talent to watch. As Gundersen took the stage, the venue was enveloped in a hushed anticipation that soon gave way to the rich, evocative sound of his music. With a voice that seemed to echo from the depths of the soul, Gundersen traversed a spectrum of emotions, from the hauntingly introspective to the exquisitely anthemic. The Lodge Room, as always, provided a perfectly intimate backdrop for this musical communion of sorts, setting the scene for the audience to be enveloped in the sheer vulnerability of Gundersen’s performance. The night unfolded through Noah’s beautiful and alluring ability to weave tragedy and hope into his lyrical storytelling. The entire night reminded me why live music is one of my favorite human experiences. From classics like “The Sound” to haunting new favorites like “Better Days.” Noah Gundersen possesses that ethereal quality, both haunting and enchanting in its ability to weave evocative melodies and soul-baring lyrics, to ultimately share truths that linger in any heart and mind that hears. Stream his latest album, If This Is The End everywhere that music streams.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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