Show Recap: Tennis - Local Wolves


Tennis — Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA — April 28, 2023

The infectious energy between the husband and wife duo that makes up the group Tennis, infiltrated the Hollywood Palladium on April 28th. Lovers and friends twirled and danced to echos of lead vocalist Alaina Moore’s voice and Patrick Riley’s guitar strings all across the sold-out Hollywood venue. The giddy and wiggly crowd swayed to the band’s 70’s-esque soft rock ballads, a mix of hypnotizing synths, keys, and funky guitar riffs. Playing hits like “Runner” and “In the Morning I’ll Be Better” alongside songs off their newest record, Pollen, left the entire crowd entranced. Tennis’ songs explore topics like anxiety, love, pleasure, and pain (and how sometimes we can’t tell the difference). From autobiographical songs such as “Hotel Valet,” capturing the first moments of the duo’s romance, to anthems like “I’ll Haunt You.” Halfway through the night, Alaina took a moment to thank the crowd and encourage them about their own gifts and art. Recalling a memory from college where she questioned how she would ever be able to share all of the art she felt she was bursting with, Alaina urged the crowd, “Keep giving your gift, unconditionally…” because eventually it will pour out into the world and find its place. If you have the chance, catch Tennis on the duration of their tour, and stream their latest album, Pollen.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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