Show Recap: Tove Lo - Local Wolves


Tove Lo — Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC — May 29, 2023

This Monday, I had the privilege to catch Tove Lo at one of her last stops in North America before she departed for Europe. To describe Tove’s presence and performance as electric yet refreshing is an understatement. 

Starting the night off with a high level of energy, Tove invited the crowd to lose themselves with her through her contagious stage presence. The freedom she exerted in her movement channels something in all of us, encouraging her audience to forget everything but her vocals. The way she grooves, jumps, twirls, and interacts with the crowd unifies the souls in the entire ballroom. With a swift pivot, Tove changed the tone of her set. Bringing in a few slower tracks, Tove amazes us with the consistency and strength of her vocal. The honesty and soul in Tove’s delivery bathed every corner of the venue.

By the end of the set, Tove teased the crowd with an unanticipated costume change. She ended her set with signatures such as “Habits (Stay High)” in the harmonious chants of every audience in the ballroom, these two hours with Tove filled my night with nostalgia and awe.

Words & Photography: Lewen Han

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