Through The Artist's Eyes - Local Wolves


Perspectives submission by photographer, Lada Egorova: “In this photography project, I wanted to explore different men and women of various ages, ethnicities, from different nationalities but all of them have one thing in common: they are artists. Some are dancers, singers, others are actors, writers. I wanted to capture one element in particular: their eyes, because through them they see the world in a perspective and point of view that is different from the rest of the people. Their eyes notice little details that they will then use as inspiration for their art and performances. What stories do their eyes tell? How do they see the world differently? An artist observes others to create, but this time these artists are the ones being observed and captured through a lens. These photos have been taken in Paris and Los Angeles, and together they reveal some truth and authenticity about the human experience.”

Words & Photography: Lada Egorova

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