ISSUE 62: CONNECTION - Local Wolves

Kaiti Yoo by Sravya Balasa


Connections in a digital space that’s ever-evolving is something that’s easy to be found but difficult to maintain. As content creation grows into something more one-sided, it’s easier to develop parasocial connections over real ones. However, 23-year-old KAITI YOO has challenged that belief, especially for those in her ever-growing community. Her rise to influencer-dom began from YouTube videos she posted during the 2020 pandemic as a way to cope with her existential crisis (her words, not mine!). Through her fast-paced videos and meme-saturated content, all notably very Gen-Z, she garnered almost 845K subscribers across platforms since she began in 2020. 

Kaiti Yoo by Sravya Balasa

Read more about Kaiti’s story including fellow creatives to add on your radar including Gemini, Land to Sea, Wallice and many more in our May/June 2023 — Connection issue. If you’re interested in purchasing a physical print copy of any our issues, they are available through Magcloud (ships worldwide). You can support the magazine by sharing the new issue as you wish!

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Story: Ariella Nikita Lai
Photography: Sravya Balasa
Photo/Lighting Assistants: Dillon Matthew, Esther Kim, Hyning Gan
Hair: Caylen Cara
Makeup: Hannah Lauren
Florals: Ellie Siegel
Styling: Sravya Balasa
Videography: Misha Patel
Editor-in-Chief: Cathrine Khom
Copy Editor: Sophia Khom
Cover Design: Lisa Lok
Special Thanks: Select Management Group
Magazine: Local Wolves

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