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Photo by Will Robinson

Field Advice by Mississippi based photographer, Will Robinson.

Photo by Will Robinson

Tell us about yourself.

I am a fashion and portrait photographer from Jackson, MS. Being from the South has definitely influenced me as an artist because it is rich with so much blackness, culture, and history. Especially here in Mississippi. I’ve always used various mediums of art as a way of expressing myself but photography is my medium of preference because not only can I express myself and tell my own story, but I can tell the story of my subjects as well.

Describe your workspace.

My workspace can be pretty much anywhere but I do complete the majority of my work at home in my dining area or in the comfort of my living room. I’ll set up an area to pull out my laptop and get straight to work. I love to work in comfort, so wherever I am able to have peace and comfort, that’s where I will get the most work done. 

What is your field advice for aspiring photographers?

Continue to bet on yourself and believe in your abilities. Your light and talent will shine through brighter than you’ve ever imagined. Continue to pour love and passion into your work as well. It will pay off in the biggest ways sooner than you think. 

What are your thoughts on the creative industry?

The creative industry shaped me into an unapologetic artist. I’ve learned to be fearless and boundless with my art and to create work that is true to me and makes me happy. The biggest reward is the love that people show my work when I put my authentic self into it. Betting on myself as an artist has been my biggest pay off.

  • Photo by Will Robinson
  • Photo by Will Robinson
  • Photo by Will Robinson

What is your current favorite song at the moment while you work?

At the moment, I’ve been blasting Justin Bieber’s “Company”. It was one of my favorite songs off of his Purpose album in college and I cranked out so much design work over the years while playing it. It’s one of those songs that you always find your way back to and it always sounds so fresh and new.  

What is your favorite local spot that our readers should check out?

One of my favorite local areas in Jackson is the downtown Jackson/Fondren area. There are a lot of cool businesses, restaurants and aesthetics to check out. It’s also filled with a lot of history. You can find a lot of inspiration here along with grabbing a bite to eat. The Fondren area has this beautiful minimalistic vintage vibe to it as well so it’s a really dope area to bring your camera and get some beautiful photos.

What does LOCAL mean to you?

To me, to be LOCAL means to be homegrown, culturally appropriate, and deeply rooted in your community. Being a local of Jackson, MS has allowed me to experience a southern love and lifestyle that most people who aren’t from the South wouldn’t be familiar with. MS has a deep, colorful history and I love being influenced by that because it has shaped my view on how and what I create as a MS artist. I am deeply invested in showing my city and its people in the most beautiful ways possible.

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