Words & Photography by Riley Donahue" /> SHOW RECAP: MURA MASA - Local Wolves Words & Photography by Riley Donahue" />


05/13/2016 – Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.

Behind his stronghold of synthesizers and percussion pads, Mura Masa knew exactly how to make the crowd go wild. The lights remained relatively low throughout the show, creating contrast between the quick bursts of strobe lighting which was a perfect accompaniment to his hit-filled performance. The set included thumping bangers such as “Lovesick” and “Lotus Eater” as well as some of his more classic, soulful electronic songs such as “Firefly” featuring the live vocals of co-headliner NAO.

Connect with NAO: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Connect with Mira Masa: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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