Show Recap: November Ultra - Local Wolves


November Ultra — Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA — June 20, 2023

Playing the Troubadour feels like a rite of passage for every musician working to share their art with the world. November Ultra (“You can call me Nova!”), made her debut night at the Troubadour feel like a live performance of a love letter. Intimate, charming, romantic, and filled with just enough laughter and heartfelt stories that left everyone in attendance in love with Nova. November Ultra came on stage right at 8:44pm, a strange time stamp to make note of, but all for the purpose of spending more time with the crowd. Nova set up every song with a sweet anecdote, told as if we were all friends catching up over dinner. Her stories ranged from her crush at 16, sliding into her DM’s to her adorable grandfather who would sing with her every night and who is addicted to sending her WhatsApp messages while she travels. 

After going viral on TikTok, Nova has continued to serenade the internet, sharing tender feelings earnestly and also embarking on a tour. She played songs in English, Spanish, and French from her debut album, bedroom walls. From her hit song “come into my arms” to fan favorites such as “corazón caramel” and “novembre”. The night was full of laughter, tender tears, Harry Styles references, and heavenly harmonies. With the most angelic, warm, and ethereal voice, Nova entranced the crowd in West Hollywood and marked the night as a night to remember at the beginning of a long legacy of music. The night ended with the crowd singing along to “soft&tender” and meaning every word as they serenaded Nova under a spinning disco ball— “Better/ I feel better/ Better when we’re together”. If you’re seeking solace, November Ultra’s discography is the surest way to find it. Stream Nova’s latest deluxe release of bedroom walls : le salon on all streaming platforms.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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