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Harletson is the acoustic trio with precocious taste. Coming off the release of their summer debut single, “Say Our Goodbyes Now”, the guys are gearing up and they’re excited for what’s ahead. The three 18-years-olds – Weston Wilson (WW), Jackson Singleton (JS) and Nathan Harringtons (NH), chatted with us about their undying love for the Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash and what it’s like to be new-band-on-the-block in Los Angeles.

The three of you met while all in pursuit of solo careers. What did you learn in the transition from performing alone to performing alongside two other people?

NH — We learned from the very beginning that if we wanted this to work we had to come together on things and work as a unit.

How has the move to LA influenced the way you make music?

JS — LA is a very inspiring place. Whether you’re driving on PCH or in the middle of Hollywood, there is an overall feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. In general, I think it’s those moments that we take with us into the studio and help us move to different places creatively.

You talk about being influenced by classic rock like The Eagles and The Beatles— how do you think this inspiration comes through in your own music?

WW — I think we like to write lyrics that have a deep meaning like a lot of the classic songs. Also our instruments of choice tend to be ones used back then.

How did it feel to work with an acclaimed producer for the first time writing your single “Say Our Goodbyes”?

NH — It was a crazy, weird, amazing experience working with Ido on “Say Our Goodbyes”. It took 3 days to find our baby and in those 3 days, we learned a lot from him and we were very grateful for the experience.

Most people think of acoustic music as an offshoot, but you guys seem to have made it your genre. Do you ever feel acoustic music should get more credit than it deserves?

WW — Most definitely. Look at Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Best in the world. There’s nothing harder than playing three acoustics and making it work. It’s an art form that I think is special and takes a lot of patience, but when it’s right, it’s right.

What is most appealing about the acoustic vibes you guys bring to your music?

JS — I believe music that is more acoustic driven is very powerful because there is nothing to hide behind. It is music at its purest form. I think that’s what’s most appealing. People understand what they’re getting into when they see all three of us playing acoustics.

Do the three of you collaborate in the writing process or does one person tend to take the lead?

NH — We always collaborate in the writing process because we want a little piece of each of us in every song.

How do you approach making a cover of “Can’t Feel My Face” and a classic hit from The Beatles differently? Or is it the same process either way?

JS — I think it’s a bit different every time depending on the song. A lot of the time we are just sitting in a room jamming and the melodies to these songs come out over the progressions we’re playing.


Did playing together live for the first time affect your chemistry as a band? 

WW — Definitely. Made us stronger as friends.

What modern artist are you currently most inspired by?

NH — I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan, I think he’s absolutely brilliant.

If you had the choice to open for any band on tour, who would it be and why?

JS — That’s a hard question as there are so many amazing artists actively touring. But I think for me it would be James Bay, because he is just a great musician and has fans that really appreciate artistry.

What is something, aside from music, that you find inspiring your own creatively?

WW — I love chess a lot! But I’m not very good. I’m trying though. It’s a fun game.

What do you hope your music makes people feel?

NH — I hope our music makes people feel loved. In a world of so much hate and poverty, I think we need music that’s going to bring us all together. Because we all need love and I want us to be the band that makes people feel that.

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