Show Recap: Fall Out Boy - Local Wolves


So Much For (Tour) Dust — Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX — June 28, 2023

I first saw Fall Out Boy in 2015. I was in high school, dropped off by my parents at a venue bigger than I had ever stepped foot in. Now, eight years later, I finally got to see them perform again—this time in Dallas, Texas at the Dos Equis Pavilion. 

The band had three acts open for them—Daisy Grenade, Royal & The Serpent, and Bring Me the Horizon. All of them were amazing performers, getting the crowd increasingly excited ahead of the headlining artist.

Fall Out Boy began their first song with a bang—literally, with loud, bright fireworks accompanying an intricately designed stage set. As the night progressed, panels shifted to reveal a huge floating dog head, a massive tree with glowing eyes, and all sorts of little details around the edges of the stage. I couldn’t help but watch wide-eyed as their set progressed. 

Seeing all the members of the band—Andy Hurley, Patrick Stump, Joe Trouman, and Pete Wentz—together on stage was a sentimental experience. I spent my teenage years listening to music from these artists, and hearing songs I loved in high school performed live now, as an adult, was special.

And they put on an excellent show, too, with an excellent setlist—including some of my absolute favorite Fall Out Boy songs, Disloyal Order Of Water Buffalos, Save Rock And Roll, and even a snippet of What A Catch, Donnie. The night was kind of perfect, and I’m glad I have my memories and pictures to remember it by.

Words & Photography: Uma Snow

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