Show Recap: Keshi - Local Wolves

Keshi by Sravya Balasa

Keshi — Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY — March 15, 2023

I first listened to Casey Luong’s, known by his stage name Keshi, music exactly a year ago and since then he has become one of my favorite artists. Mixing soulful R&B with chill bedroom pop, his music is soothing with heartfelt, emotional lyrics. Whether you’re studying, going through heartbreak, or laying in a park, it feeds the soul. With that, it’s no surprise that he captured the hearts of the NYC crowd at Radio City Music Hall. Playing R&B-inspired tracks like “2 soon” from his early EPs to mixed genre explorations like “GET IT” from his recent album Gabriel, the artist had the entire audience singing along to his vocals. One may expect that an artist with slower melodies would have a calmer concert, but the large focus on musicality enhanced the listening experience greatly. Several songs had added riffs as well as intense drum and piano solos; the crowd was passionately singing along and dancing. 

Keshi by Sravya Balasa

Taking time to bond with the crowd, Casey explained the inspiration and backstory for some songs, including unreleased ones, making the listening experience all the more emotional. For example, when he detailed how he “shot for the stars” by making music on his off days, an unconventional passion as a child of immigrants working as an oncology nurse, I deeply related to his experience.

Keshi by Sravya Balasa

In speaking to Casey after the show, he was warm and welcoming, stating how excited he was to finally get into a great rhythm on tour, feeling “like it’s finally flowing perfectly”. You can experience the show in a city near you, as Keshi continues his “Hell and Back” U.S. tour.    

Words & Photography: Sravya Balasa

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