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The 1975 — Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, TX — November 15, 2022

The 1975 at Their Very Best. The name of the band’s ongoing international tour and an accurate assessment of their abilities. The 1975 brought their show to Grand Prairie, Texas earlier last week, a larger-than-life musical performance that blended the typical concert with aspects of the theatre. 

Energy high off of the opening band BLACKSTARKIDS, the audience was already buzzing when the curtain dropped, revealing the elaborate set of a house. A large streetlight flickered as we heard the sound of a car pulling into a driveway, the beep of a car locking, the stomp of shoes on gravel. The venue was silent as a man walked onstage and through the open rooms, turning on lamps one by one, band trailing in behind him to get into position. And then there he was, frontman Matty Healy sitting center-stage at a piano, lighting a joint as the show opened with the band’s self-titled track, “The 1975.” 

The first half of the show felt almost like a play—Matty moving across the set as the band ran through the setlist, chugging from a flask mid-chorus and taking stumbling steps as he sang. He embodied the emotions of each song they performed, manic grins for “Roadkill,” singing to the sky on his knees during “Fallingforyou,” a bleak silhouette on a rooftop for “I Like America & America Likes Me.” The second half of the show—the band now wearing black suits and genuine smiles—further emphasized the first. Matty was no longer playing a character. He faced the audience, sang with the crowd, and easily fell into his role of the charismatic rockstar. The 1975 had the crowd screaming every word of “Robbers” and jumping to “The Sound.” I cried during “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes).” 

“Ladies and gentlemen! We’re The 1975, we’re the best fucking band, we’re not going anywhere.” Words Matty yelled into his mic as the concert came to a close, words I wholeheartedly believed in the ferocity of the moment. Everything about the performance—the house set, the lighting, the backup singers’ voices, the setlist, the musicians—was phenomenal and well-thought-out. They outdid themselves on this tour, and I would encourage anyone to experience it for themselves. If you’re not a fan going into the show, you’ll definitely be one coming out. In the meantime, listen to The 1975’s latest album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

Words: Uma Snow

Photography: Jordan Curtis Hughes

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