Show Recap: Ryan Beatty - Local Wolves


The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA — March 15, 2024

On Friday night, the marquee at The Wiltern read “RYAN BEATTY“– fulfilling a lifelong dream for the singer. As he took the stage, a sold-out theater brimming with anticipation awaited, eager to immerse themselves in the captivating world he crafts each night on his “Calico” tour. The Wiltern exudes an awe-inspiring historical charm, boasting expansive, intricately adorned walls and seating that ascends toward celestial heights. Yet, amidst this grandeur, the true spectacle lies at the heart of the stage, where a singularly captivating energy sat illuminated by a simple spotlight. 

Beatty’s choice of stage design instantly crafted an intimate atmosphere. The minimalist stage, adorned only with scattered wires and speakers and musicians arranged in a semicircle, evoked the sensation of stumbling upon a rehearsal room. The simplicity of the stage and show design allowed all other distractions to melt away as Ryan and his six-part band weaved intoxicating sounds and melodies together for a magical evening. His ensemble helped paint the sonic landscape of his newest and third album, Calico as well as helped reinvent many of his classic songs. Together, they showcased Beatty’s commanding vocals and poignant lyricism. 

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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