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Rebecca Black by Sammi Wong


Forced into the public eye at an especially young age, it has now been over a decade since Rebecca Black became a household name for the online generation. Having endured the dichotomy of cruelty and compassion found in social media, Black is intimately familiar with both the euphoric highs and traumatizing lows of having millions watch her every move. Twelve years, a few EPs, and one long voyage of self-discovery later, the singer has made a comeback. With her debut album Let Her Burn, Rebecca Black is reborn into a popstar, heart glittering and unguarded.

Rebecca Black by Sammi Wong

“I can’t lie. I’m still on this journey, right? I’ll probably be on it forever.” I’m on a video call with Black on an otherwise mundane morning. She’s articulating the years she spent working through the aftermath of her sudden infamy. Relentlessly bullied as a kid for something as innocent as making a silly song, what Black underwent altered the way she viewed the world and herself. Black says that the release of “Friday” had more people voicing opinions on her than a child should ever be subjected to; it was only with time and extensive therapy that she has slowly been able to heal. 

Read more about Rebecca’s story including fellow creatives to add on your radar including Adam Melchor, Eloise, Hojean, Kairo and many more in our March/April 2023 — Rebirth issue. If you’re interested in purchasing a print copy of this issue or any of our past issues, they are available through a print on-demand publishing platform, Magcloud (ships worldwide!) We provided all of the links to read, purchase and share the new issue as you wish!

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Words: Uma Snow
Photography & Creative Direction: Sammi Wong
Onsite Assistant: Briana De Anda
Lighting Assistant: Raymond Wu
Hair: Gregg Lennon
Makeup: Nick Lennon
Styling: Gabe Bass
Styling Assistant: Ray Z.
Nails: Jenny of Jelly Nails LA
Editor-in-Chief: Cathrine Khom
Copy Editor: Sophia Khom
Cover Design: Lisa Lok
Special Thanks: Frazes Creative
Magazine: Local Wolves

On The Cover: Rebecca wears ManMadeSkins (top, skirt, jacket + gloves), shoes by Larroudé and earrings by Austin James Smith.

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