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Carrie Rad by Starr Smith

Video documenting, whether it be through the medium of YouTube or the lens of a short film, acts as a personal memoir for Carrie Rad. As most content creators are used to, Carrie often finds herself face-to-face with a camera, talking about the latest facial oils or having chats about career advice and feminism. In her latest project Alma Pura, Carrie shares an analysis of life struggles and endearing moments that one cannot simply find within a fourteen minute GRWM video. The short film, Alma Pura, acts as a canvas of embodying self-love and the natural world surrounding us, meanwhile it depicts the haunting inner battles one faces due to societal pressures. Carrie shares some of her self-care tips when dealing with those days of physical and mental exhaustion, the film that has emotionally captivated her, and the nostalgia drawn from VHS films.

Your short Alma Pura is a tale about self-love, dealing with the daunting pressures of social media, and learning to love the environment and nature. I know it’s a bit of a battle learning to love oneself, but how are some ways that you have grown to love yourself? What are some of your favorite self-care tips on a night where you feel both mentally and physically exhausted?

CARRIE RAD I think learning to love yourself starts with knowing yourself and accepting who you are entirely. You have to accept everything that you are in order to feel love for yourself. I know that when I get nervous, I forget everything I was going to say. I know that I have a scar on my upper lip. I know that I’m definitely not the best cook that’s ever lived. I have the choice to look at these as flaws, or to realize that I actually like all of these things about myself because they tell the story of who I am. When I’m emotionally and physically exhausted a bath is my go-to. Water has always been extremely calming to me. Water grounds me and puts me at peace. You definitely get a sense of that in my short film.

Since you’re making a short film with such depth, both visually and within the message of the film, what are some of your favorite films that have emotionally moved you?

CR Films inspire me in so many different ways. From just the overall look of the film or the message. I’d say Garden State is one of my favorite films. It’s a quirky spin on 20-something humans trying to navigate and figure out life.

What is one thing that reminds you of home?

CR Rosemary. The smell. It’s very nostalgic for me. We had a ton of rosemary bushes around my home growing up. I would run through them almost everyday and go back inside smelling of pure rosemary.

Carrie Rad by Starr Smith

I was scoping out some of your YouTube videos and you have such a delightfully bright personality, how do you remain positive in a world that is currently in a negative state?

CR It’s definitely harder right now with the world the way it is. The thing to know is that I’m not positive everyday, and that’s ok. I use to be hard on myself when I was down and depressed. I realize now that feeling great everyday is unrealistic and honestly, quite boring. Allowing yourself to feel angry, sad, and frustrated helps you learn about yourself and what’s important to you.

You recently went to Costa Rica and France, what were some of your favorite spots that you discovered while you were there?

CR Tabacon Resort in Costa Rica. It’s a natural hot spring resort. You can soak in hot springs all day. It’s out of this world. In France, a little artist town called Mougins village. I loved the colors, the architecture, the flowers and art. Everything about it inspired me like crazy.

How were you drawn to the world of filmmaking? Would you ever aspire to direct a full-length movie? If so, what would you title a future movie and what would it be about?

CR — Growing up my up brother and I made films non-stop. We have so many homemade movies still laying around on VHS. We recently started converting them and they are real gems. We took the films we made so seriously and it was my brother that really instilled that creativity in me. I’d love to direct a full-length film. I have no clue what I’d make though. First, I need to figure out what fifteen minute video I’m making next week.

Do you have a memory of the very first time you felt like you had created your own style?

CR — I try to recreate my style all the time, so I tend to have this feeling a lot. It’s hard to have your own style these days because everything is recreated so much. I try to pull inspiration from my experiences and from the places I’ve been. That way I know I’m not getting inspiration from another person.

I imagine that being a content creator is very demanding and often emotionally draining when you come to rut when it comes to making new content, do you have any advice for aspiring content creators or creatives in general who feel stuck in the mud?

CR — Just make what you want when you want to. Everything has been done. You alone will make it different. That’s why staying true to who you are is so important. Who you are is what makes it unique.

How do you hope the narrative behind Alma Pura inspires those who view it?

CR — The thing I love about Alma Pura is it leaves you with questions. The film can make you feel weird at times and light and happy at other times. It means many different things to me throughout the film and I’m excited to hear what it means to others.

Carrie Rad by Starr Smith

Skincare has recently become one of the biggest trends in YouTube beauty videos! I find myself spending a majority of my money on any skincare I can get my hands on in the striped walls of Sephora! What are some mistakes you made in your skincare routine 6-7 years ago? What are some skincare products that you simply cannot part ways with?

CR — I used to have acne. I would use so many drying products to try to get rid of it. I’ve learned over the years that moisturizing your skin with natural oils is the way to go. When you dry out your skin, it’ll try to produce more oil which will cause more breakouts. I talk about skincare oils on my channel all the time.

What’s your personal mantra you like to live by?

CR — “When you bring what is within out into the world miracles happen,” by Henry Thoreau.

To me, this means to share your creativity with the world without fear. To speak your mind when you agree or disagree with something. To share what is inside yourself because you don’t know what beautiful things can come from it.

What are you looking forward as the year comes to a close?

CR — Spending time with people I love. I love the end of the year because it’s an excuse to spend lots of time with family. To get warm and cuddle. To look back on the year and be proud of what you’ve accomplished and to let go of the things we can’t go back and change.

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