Show Recap: Alice Phoebe Lou - Local Wolves


Mohawk in Austin, TX — April 16, 2024

Indie-folk artist Alice Phoebe Lou is a glowing light, channeling her reflections of love, intimacy, and self-growth into her powerful lyricism that has touched the hearts of music lovers around the world. Starting out her music career as a busker on the streets of Berlin, Alice’s humility and unabashed love for her craft are clearly visible through the kindness she exudes during her live performances. At her performance in Austin, Texas, Alice’s softness was not at all dulled. Between the beautiful sounds of songs off of her recent albums, Alice and her band were quite at home atop the Mohawk stage, engaging in playful interludes and laughs together between songs. Alice also expressed her gratitude through paying homage to Angel Olsen, one of the greats of indie-folk in this decade, by delivering a transfixing cover of “Unfucktheworld” that seemed to hold audience members in a spellbinding trance. After experiencing Alice Phoebe Lou’s performance, it’s undeniable that her music is a reflection of her soul, enveloping listeners in a comforting embrace that lingers long after the final chord fades.

Words & Photography: Abby Mueller

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