Show Recap: Destroy Boys - Local Wolves


The Bellwether in Los Angeles, CA — March 16, 2024

In a whirlwind of punk rock fervor, The Bellwether was set ablaze by the unstoppable force that is Destroy Boys. The venue pulsated with raw energy as the band caused the night to culminate with explosive energy. The crowd surged and swayed to the relentless rhythm, caught in the irresistible grip of Destroy Boys’ music. Bodies collided in the mosh pit, sweat-soaked and exhilarated, as the band tore through fan favorites and new tracks alike. With each chord struck and each beat pounded, Destroy Boys reaffirmed their status as a force to be reckoned with in the punk scene. As the final notes echoed through the venue, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause, unwilling to let the night end. Destroy Boys had delivered the kind of performance that stays thrumming in your blood for years to come, leaving The Bellwether reverberating with their electrifying energy long after the last chord had faded.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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