Show Recap: Dylan - Local Wolves


El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA — April 4, 2024

The girls came out in full force to see Dylan at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 4th. Some had boyfriends in tow, but those would be converted from “just-boyfriends” to full blown fans by the end of the show. She’s that good.

The Los Angeles show marked the first stop of the US-leg of a 4 month tour, the first 3 months seeing them across Europe, UK and Canada. Far from appearing road-weary, Dylan and her ripping guitarist, Rosie Botterill and sharp-sticked drummer, Connor Hopkins felt like a tight-knit threesome who knew the rhythm of the set front to back. The only indication was perhaps Dylan’s slightly raspy vocals, but I felt that brought an element of warmth and groundedness. Her performance strikes a balance between sounding true to the production of her recordings and an energized, almost frenetic presence worthy of a live audience. The audience themselves were keen to be involved, dancing through the hour-plus runtime and screaming back lyrics about her ex-boyfriend who is decidedly “not Harry Styles.” Her appreciation for her fans is clear and earnest, and her skill as a songwriter bridges the key gap between specificity and the universal, leaving her songs feeling lived-in and weighty.

With only one full length album released, a handful of singles, and a tease of new music to come, it is clear the best is still ahead for Dylan and her devotees.

Words & Photography: Lee Dubin

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