Show Recap: Joesef - Local Wolves


Joesef — Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA — May 8, 2023

With an intimate venue like the Troubadour, Joesef’s performance called for a night of cherishable memories. Opening with “It’s Been a Little Heavy Lately,” already Joesef’s fans are belting at the top of their lungs and swaying to the melodies. Between each song, Joesef took a moment to engage and speak with the crowd– bonding with a fan who is also from Joesef’s hometown Garthamlock in Scotland as well as choking up a bit when speaking about his personal struggles growing up. When artists like Joesef are able to become vulnerable in front of their fan base, it helps make them become more relatable and it’s definitely something I admired when seeing Joesef live. 

The concert itself felt like a rollercoaster of emotions from happy dance vibes, down to simp boy hours, and back up to living laughing loving vibes. To end the show, Joesef jumps into the crowd, sings, and dances his heart out along with everyone else surrounding him. To say that Joesef and his band had such a great stage presence and crowd engagement is an understatement, and I can’t wait to see Joesef taking off bigger than before.

Words & Photography: Vanessa Le

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