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Private Island by Ashley Seryn

10/20/2017 – The Roxy Theatre // Los Angeles, CA.

Private Island, SoCal-based indie pop-rock band, kicked off their fall tour close to home with a sold-out show. Sunset Blvd’s the Roxy was a fitting venue for the sextet’s California influences, providing an intimate space to get lost in the band’s hypnotic sound and relevant themes about youth and love. Lead singer Christian Lum commanded the crowd with his compelling vocals, punctuated by the dreamy reverbs of the bass, the colorful pulsing lights, and special moments like the crowd-pleasing cover of Passionfruit. The audience grooved to the nostalgia-inducing music throughout the whole concert, punctuated by the encore of Dissolve. Private Island left the crowd to go off into West Hollywood on their own late-night drives, something their music is so reminiscent of.

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