Show Recap: SUCKERPUNCH Tour - Local Wolves


On the first of November, Chloe Moriondo brought her SUCKERPUNCH tour to Tulips, an intimate venue in Fort Worth, Texas. If you hung around YouTube at its peak in the 2010s, you’ve probably come across her song covers, all strummed sweetly on the ukulele and sung in her bedroom. Where her earlier music leaned into this indie vibe, Chloe’s newer releases, including her latest album SUCKERPUNCH, are sharp and explosive. Last Tuesday night, Chloe put on a show embodying all of the album’s bright colors and bold sounds. 

Singer-songwriter Dreamer Isioma, along with their live band called ‘The Celestials,’ warmed up the crowd in preparation for the rest of the night. The group performed infectiously, constantly playing off of each other’s energy. 

When it was time for Chloe Moriondo’s set, the crowd started a chant of her name as her live band—Fiona and Alex—took the stage. Chloe began with her new album’s first track, ‘Popstar,’ running to center-stage with a grin. It was endearing to see the difference between how she performs and how she interacts with the crowd. She performed every song with the energy it deserved, face expressive and attitude in every sway, jump, and scream. In between songs, she made sure to tell the crowd how much love she has for her fans, how grateful she is that they came to see her, her smile changing from fierce to sweet. While her stage persona is a far cry from how she presented herself nearly a decade ago, she has retained the same soft kindness that makes her so likable. Chloe has truly grown into herself as a performer. 

The excitement of the audience went through the roof when Chloe and the band came back out in cowboy hats after a short break. It feels almost like a rite of passage in Texas, seeing your favorite artists wear cowboy hats on stage, but it somehow never gets old. The crowd was thrilled. One of the last songs of the night was ‘Fruity,’ one of SUCKERPUNCH’s singles, and a song that every person in the audience sang and danced along to. Chloe’s set was some of the most fun I’ve had at a concert in a while, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend. Looking forward to her next tour already!



Words & Photography: Uma Snow

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